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January 2015

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New Year, New Look

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Happy New Year everyone! No your eyes don’t deceive you and you don’t have to adjust your monitor. It seemed like it was a good time to update the Confused Art website with a bit of a face lift. It hasn’t really changed much since it was first put online. Some things are still a bit rough about the edges but it will be polished off eventually (once other commitments settle down). It might even change look again but I settled on this just to push an update out the door. Annnnyway….

More importantly, what’s new in the world of Babylon Zoo? Well, same old really. Things haven’t really changed there for a long time but Jas Mann is now involved in Virgin Produced India. It’s really exciting to know he’s back involved with music (although his career launching films was also pretty awesome). You can find out more here¬†under the Suits link. We will him all the best on this new endeavour!