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August 2003

Nothing to report…

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As most of you know there’s been very little Babylon Zoo news the past few years! Remote Music has been closed now for quite some time, and rumour has it that Jas Mann is setting up a record label called ‘Hub Records’ but there’s been very little update to the website which was said to be opening the beginning of the year and I’ve not been able to confirm whether Jas is actually involved with the project or not.

Confused Art wise, there aren’t that many changes to speak of! Most of the pages have been re-coded to make them XHTML1.0 Transitional compliant but you shouldn’t notice any visual changes. A major update to the message board is in the works and should be finished by the end of September. I’ll keep you posted!

Last but not least, Confused Art has been moved to a new server! But don’t let that worry you. We aren’t going anywhere!