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April 2002

Confused Art is Back!

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WE’RE BACK!!! Confused Art – A Babylon Zoo Website has returned with a bang, now located at ‘’. The return of this website is mirrored by what some of you already know as the return of Babylon Zoo. Remember last year when Jas left EMI and the fan club basically shut down as well… word on the street was that Jas was going to end Babylon Zoo (still continue making music, just not under that name).

Well, to my (and most other people’s) surprise, Babylon Zoo has returned with a new song entitled “Love Lies Bleeding” and with a new record label “Remote Music”. Let’s all thank Remote Music for bringing back Confused Art and giving Babylon Zoo a new home.

A clip from the song is available, but you really must download the full version as it is a really good tune. It can be downloaded from the website¬†but it will cost you $1.50 (which in my opinion is a sweet deal). The lyrics are on the “Lyrics” page as well.

In closing… as many of you remember when the site was shut down last year, one of my reasons for not re-launching the site was that I didn’t have the time to keep it updated. I have even less time now, and although I’ve found the time to do this final major update, from this point on I will have a very limited involvement with the website and it will be run by someone else. I will still be around, probably posting to the guestbook and soon to come message board often, but I will not be responding to the stream of emails asking me questions about Babylon Zoo that I can’t answer. Just when you thought that the return of this site was big, let me just tell you that there are even bigger things in the works, so check back often.

Another bit of news. Most of you don’t know this, but a German metal band called “The Kovenant” did a cover of Babylon Zoo’s classic hit “Spaceman”. It’s definately interesting to hear if you ever get the chance.

A few other things have been updated as well all over the site, but instead of trying to explain it all here, take a look around.

Editor Note: Sadly Remote Music is no longer online but this update has been kept for historical purposes.